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Massachusetts, USA

"Mark is an outstanding sales and marketing professional with wealth of experience and knowledge.
The resources, tools and infrastructure he has assembled through his consulting business are the best in the industry. He is truly a joy to work with."

Highly Recommend Him!

Florida, USA

"Mark is a great guy inside and out, and someone whom I've been very fortunate to work with.

​​​​​​​He's brilliant in business and has always been super supportive and attentive to details. Highly recommend connecting with him. :)"

Keeps Me Focused!

British Columbia, Canada

"Brought fresh ideas. Needed something for me to stand out in a hyper-competitive industry.
It was hard for me to stand out and he showed me how important it was to have a differentiator and to market it."

My Business Grew!

New York, USA

"I was wasting money on expensive and ineffective marketing. Utilizing Mark & his team at 8 Cylinder we focused on a few important tactics which were aligned with the strategy Mark & I put together.

We saw fantastic results and spent less money than in the past!"

A Guide and Mentor.

Brisbane, Australia

"Working with the team at 8 cylinders is like having a second brain that can understand what your trying to achieve.
They give great advice to you and guide and mentor you. That they can give great service and bring clients to your business, is a bonus"

Honest Perspective & The Right Strategy!


Illinois, USA

"I was stuck. Business was not really growing. I had worked with 3 other coaches in the past, but never seemed to connect with them.

Mark and his team brought new ideas, did not tell me what I wanted to hear and were unafraid to challenge me. I needed an honest perspective and just as importantly the strategy to change my business"